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The magic of Arbor Hill Inn provides a romantic glimpse of the past with an invitation to enjoy the pleasures of today. An Inn for all seasons offers the taste of the good life. Designed with comfort and luxury to pamper and delight, our goal is to make you feel like a privileged guest in a private estate.

Each air-conditioned suite and guestroom combines carefully chosen furnishings and accents to create a mood of peaceful charm and elegance. Amenities include private baths, gas fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs, tv, and WiFi to keep you connected if you choose to be.


Food For Thought

Awaken to the smell of Fresh Brewed Coffee and Sizzling Bacon. Prepared fresh each morning, our Innkeeper will create a special menu graciously served at individual tables at a time to suit your schedule. Private dining is available for groups of 12-25, ask your innkeeper for details. Let our dessert specialties such as the Grand Finale Truffle, Chocolate Flourless Cake, or Crème Brulee be a part of your "Sweet Dreams." Dinner can be enjoyed at many of our local area restaurants.

Your Inn Keepers


Well, it all started at an Inn about an hour from LaPorte when we were enjoying the beautiful surroundings (and a couple of cocktails!) at this beautiful Inn. We looked at each other and said "We could do this" and the rest is history.

We began the search for the perfect home in the perfect location and found it! That was the beginning of Arbor Hill Inn. With the combined talents of all the owners, we began to put our Business Plan together. Laura, with photography, baking, and floral design background and Kris with an accounting and foodservice background, the plans began. Fortunately for us, Vince (Kris’ husband) is a contractor, so the construction and design end was handled. Tim (Laura’s husband) also was versed in the construction end having built their own home. He also had been involved with several music bands and a DJ business, so customer service and "people" were in his blood. The only base not covered at this point was Marketing. In comes Mark and Lorraine. Lorraine, having a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Mark with a Business Degree, seemed the perfect fit. Mark also had worked with Vince in construction before entering college so he had a great overview of the "ins and outs" of the redesign. So the renovations began. We purchase the property in December 1994 and opened our doors in August of 1995. Yes, that’s right, 8 months! (That explains our mental state today!)

Due to public demand, we expanded into what is currently the Guest House and opened this beautiful addition in 2002. This property was also owned by WA Jones and was a temporary haven while the mansion was being finished in 1910. It then functioned as a guest house (hence the name) for his guests. Later on, he had given this property to his granddaughter as a wedding gift.

Since our grand opening in 1995, we have opened our doors to many. In President Clinton’s trek through the Midwest in 1996, he was scheduled to stay with us but had to cancel due to delays (darn!). We have also been hosts to musicians, Richard Elliot and Frankie Valens (hint: "This Magic Moment"), Generals in the Defense Department, one of the former Secretaries of State, Pro Baseball Players, as well as friends from across the globe and across the street. It has been our goal to provide a special memory to all who stay and hope they leave refreshed and renewed.

"Arrive as a guest and leave as a good friend"
(Guest quote from a room journal)

Your friends at Arbor Hill Inn,

Kris, Laura, Penny, Leslie, & Kelly

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