Things to Do in La Porte Indiana

When you stay at Arbor Hill Inn Bed and Breakfast, there is always something to do. You and your family can make lifelong memories in La Porte Indiana and its surrounding towns and cities. In Northwest Indiana, you get the best of all worlds: nature, city, small towns, lakes, and cities. People of all ages can find something they enjoy! We compiled a shortlist of things to do specifically in the city of La Porte. Of course, there is much more! This list will get your thoughts started on how to make your stay at Arbor Hill Inn perfect.

  • Paintball: Sherwood Paintball Inc. is the place to go for paintballing! They are open on the weekends and are a LaPorte favorite with over 80 acres and a large castle
  • Fishing & Concerts: Check out the beautiful Fox Memorial Park for fishing and seasonal events. In the summer, they have an Arts in the Park series that is worth a visit!
  • Horses: If you are interested in horses, plan a visit to Stateline Stables. It is a 30-acre horse farm that offers trail rides, riding lessons, and horse shows.
  • Orchard: Take a trip to Garwood Orchards for delicious local fruit and vegetables. In the Fall, there are events like live music and apple picking. You can also grab a Christmas tree in the Winter!
  • Museums: Check out the highly rated La Porte County Historical Society Museum. There are photo collections, paintings, a taxidermy collection, and more! Hesston Steam Museum is another popular museum right in La Porte. Check ahead for special events around the year, like the reiteration of the Civil War.
  • Blueberries: From June to August, come to Stateline Blueberries and enjoy a 35-acre family owned u-pick blueberry farm. Don’t forget your blueberry blossom honey, jam and syrup!
  • Beach: Soldiers Memorial Park is the place to go for the beach and more. There are boat launching ramps, nature trails, beach, beach house, and fishing.
  • Brewery: Backroad Brewery is a town favorite! It produces over 40 different kinds of beers and offers beer tasting, tours and sales of the beers.

What memories would you like to make with Arbor Hill Inn? Call us today at 219-362-9200 or email us at: to begin planning your perfect getaway. We look forward to taking care of you!