Weddings at Arbor Hill Inn

Why have a small, romantic wedding? There are plenty of reasons to say ‘I do’ next to your closest family and friends. Small weddings are peaceful because it is less about wedding production and more about you! Why not have your wedding at a quaint, beautiful bed and breakfast, like Arbor Hill Inn?

A huge advantage of a small wedding is the savings. You can save a lot, possibly thousands of dollars! It is a great way to start a new life together without wedding debt. This may also free up some of the budget for other pieces that you really want, such as, that perfect dress or that dream honeymoon. You have might have more wiggle room to fully customize your day!

In addition, having a quaint event allows you to spend more time with the people that know you the best. This can calm your nerves about your wedding, allowing you to enjoy it. You can make memories with your family and friends and not feel like you are being pulled in a thousand directions. Having your special day at Arbor Hill Inn feels like home! 

Our wedding package is just $375 in addition to a room of your choice. Yes, you can get married for just $375! This includes: officiate/witnesses, keepsake unity candle, ceremony in the Common Area in front of the fireplace, flowers for Bride & Groom, wedding cake, dinner for two, candle and bath salts, and a full hot breakfast the next morning. Make sure to book 10 days in advance! Arbor Hill Inn can offer food service with pre-selection for any small, quaint event. You can also bring your own drinks of your choice. 

The Innkeepers at Arbor Hill Inn, Kris and Laura, are honored to help couples enjoy their special day! Set up a meeting today to learn more about the custom options available for your party of up to 22 people. You can also tour the common area and discuss meal and lodging options. Call: 219-362-9200 today or fill out a FORM HERE